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Elm Dirt

Under the Counter Worm Bin Starter Bundle by Elm Dirt

Under the Counter Worm Bin Starter Bundle by Elm Dirt

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Fulfilled by our friends at Elm Dirt

Interested in worm composting but don't have a lot of space? Or want to try it on a small scale? The under the counter worm bin is for you!

This worm bin is a 3 bin system for easy worm casting harvesting and holds up to 500 worms! 500 worms will consume about 1 person's food waste every day or 2. Place the bin in a dark area, like under the kitchen sink or in another cabinet.

To get started, fill with paper waste and wet until soaking like a wet sponge (but not dripping). Then take food waste (like apple cores, banana peels, used coffee filters, used tea bags, etc.) and bury under the paper waste. Just add worms and feed them food waste and spritz with water every couple of days! Do not put meat or diary waste in the worm bin or it will start to smell. Worms also do not like too much citrus like oranges.

When you are ready to harvest the worm castings, take the 2nd bin with holes and fill with fresh paper waste and food waste (just like the original set up). Place the new bin on top of the old and the worms will migrate to the fresh bin over a couple of weeks. Remove the old bin and use the worm castings!

Size: 14 inches by 8 inches by 5 inches

-3 Bins (2 with pre-drilled holes-to allow for worm migration during harvesting time and water drainage)
-Lid with pre-drilled holes for airflow and covered in carbon fiber mesh

- Option to add worms to your order if desired!

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