About Us

Welcome to Pee Mart! Your trusted provider of animal urine products to safeguard your property from unwanted animals.

Having unwanted animals in our property is a major issue. We certainly do not want harmful animals like coyotes and wild pigs to roam around our yards and lawns or for armadillos, deer or moles to damage our well-maintained gardens and landscapes. We need to keep them at bay but presently available animal repellents are loaded with harmful chemicals that not only pollute our ecosystem but also inadvertently hamper its balance. The population of some species has already been compromised by the usage of such chemicals.

This is how Pee Mart was realized, that is to provide a natural and environment-friendly yet effective measure to safeguard our properties from unwelcome and harmful animals. Growing up in the country, we have seen how animals interact. We have seen how predators mark their territories through their urine. We likewise have seen how their prey have identified their predator’s urine traces to be able to avoid them. With this knowledge, we started to collect urine samples of dominant predators and use them to prevent the trespass of pests and other unwanted animals. Nine years later, Pee Mart is thriving so well and has become one of the most prominent companies in the market.

Over the years, our line of products has grown diverse. We have been able to provide urine samples to be used against pests and various animals including but not limited to bats, deer, moles, cats, armadillos, and wild pigs. These products have been used for so long that their quality has already been tested and verified.

So for your natural way of keeping pests and other animals away from your properties, Pee Mart has one especially for you. Contact us through email at sales@thepeemart.com and share with us your needs and worries. We will be very glad to assist you.