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Your one-stop-shop provider of natural and chemical-free solutions to safeguard your properties. Are you having difficulty keeping wild animals from your property? Do deer, armadillos, and moles constantly bug and damage your well-maintained plants and garden? Are you having a problem with coyotes, wild pigs and other animals hanging out in your yard? Well, The Pee Mart has the perfect solution for you. We have deer repellent, coyote repellent, and repellents for other animals, just for you.

Animals in the wild have a defined relationship. For as long as prey and predators have associated, they have adopted and understood how each other behave and work. It is common for predators to mark their territories with urine, which prey, in turn, have identified and used to avoid them. Hence, applying a predator’s urine around your property is an effective way to deter unwelcome animals.

The Pee Mart is a front runner in providing all natural and effective animal urine. Some repellents, despite their repelling activity, contain harsh chemicals that have caused the depletion, if not eradication, of a certain biological species in an area. This now calls for a campaign of using a product that is not only effective but also chemical free, sustainable and most importantly eco-friendly, such as a predator’s urine.

We at The Pee Mart have close to 30 years of experience in the industry. Along with our comprehensive knowledge of wild predators, we avow to provide effective urine to deter many animals. Our company’s edge is the quality of our product. We maintain a standard of quality so we can guarantee to give you only the most potent and effective product. Despite its superior quality, we offer it at a reasonably cheaper price.

If you are looking for an effective, affordable and all natural animal solution, The Pee Mart has got it all for you. For inquiries and queries, you may email us at

PO Box 1608 Bucksport, ME 04416

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