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Elm Dirt

Seedling Mix by Elm Dirt

Seedling Mix by Elm Dirt

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Fulfilled by our friends at Elm Dirt

5 Lbs.

Elm Dirt Seedling Mix is an all-natural blend formulated to promote the germination and fertilization process. Seedling will be healthier with stronger roots systems that can withstand transplanting. This seedling mix is light and fluffy giving the roots room to grow freely. Start your seeds off right!

Directions For Use

  1. Fill the seedling tray loosely with the seedling mix. Plant your seeds according to the seed(s) package and is recommend cover seed with the seedling mix
  2. Label your seeds and date them
  3. Gently mist your seedling till water is draining from the bottom or place them in a tray of water until moisture can be seen at the surface
  4. Place seedlings in recommended lighting given on the seed(s) package
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