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s Roma II Bush Bean, Pack of 100 Seeds

s Roma II Bush Bean, Pack of 100 Seeds

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  • Heavy yields over a long season on this classic Romano, Days to Maturity: 59 from direct sow,
  • Gourmet Romano beans can be difficult to find for the garden, which is why we love Roma II so much. This dependable favorite not only sets a delicious crop, it's also generous. The beans mature early, and then the plant keeps setting new pods, so you wind up with a much longer season than with other types. You're going to love this heavy producer.
  • Roma II's 5½-inch pods are fleshy, tender, and dark green, bursting with flavor and nutrition. An Italian type, it is a gourmet choice, although you'd never know it from the huge yields. If you are a canner, Roma II is the one bush bean you've got to try this season.
  • Very easy to grow, even for the beginning gardener, this bean should be direct sown into the garden after all danger of frost. For best harvest, plant successively every 3 weeks or so, ceasing in late spring or early summer and resuming in late summer, after the worst heat is past, for a late fall crop.
  • Roma II is a legume, so the plant should be chopped up and plowed back into the soil after all the beans have been harvested. Legumes are nitrogen fixers in the soil, and your crops next year will be even better, thanks to these soil builders.

Product Description

Ler's Grow Beans

Know Before You Grow Beans

The bean, an ancient crop found on all continents except Antarctica, is a dietary staple packed with fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals. Paired with grains like corn, it forms a complete protein. Consumed fresh or stored for months, beans have sustained populations for over 9,000 years. Beans are easy to grow in small spaces or containers, requiring only sunshine and soil, making them a versatile and vital food source.

Choosing a Bean Variety

  1. Bush Bean Seeds:

    Bush beans are low-maintenance, compact plants without support needs. They germinate in 7-10 days and mature in 60 days. Plant in sunny, well-drained soil and choose from various types.

  2. Pole Bean Seeds:

    Pole beans are space-saving, easy to grow, and offer heavy yields. Sow seeds in spring and fall for maximum harvests. Train beans up supports, towers, or create shaded areas for plants or play.

  3. Runner Bean Seeds:

    Runner beans are highly productive, yielding around 2 pounds per plant. Picking pods promptly boosts yield. Fewer pods set in hot temperatures, but flowering thrives in warm climates.

There are as many types of beans as there are gardeners to grow them. Grown almost everywhere in the world, beans are amazingly various, with some 4,000 varieties currently available. Beans grow in two ways: vining, which we call pole beans; and mounding, which we call bush beans.

When should I sow beans?

Sow in sunny, warm soil after frost danger has passed, from spring to early summer.

How do I sow beans?

Sow seeds 3 inches apart, in rows 24 inches apart, and cover with 1 inch of soil.

How do I manage watering for bean plants?

Provide 1 inch of water per week, using a drip or trickle system, and keep the soil moist but not saturated.

What if I want to start cucumbers seeds indoors?

We know you want to give your seeds the best start, so let us show you how to do it right. Try our Bio Dome Seed Starter Kit!

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