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Wild Earth

Performance Formula Dog Food by Wild Earth

Performance Formula Dog Food by Wild Earth

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Fulfilled by our friends at Wild Earth

Dogs Have Evolved, So Should Their Food

Our food is vet-developed and scientifically-formulated to taste better and offer complete and balanced nutrition while simultaneously being better for the planet. 

Our Performance Formula Dog Food features superfood ingredients, it is packed with muscle-supporting protein, and is enriched with prebiotic fiber and healthy fats to help keep your dog in tip-top shape. We took AAFCO standards for dog nutrition and added more protein, and supplemental nutrients—all with a flavorful profile to keep your dog’s evolutionary instincts satisfied. 

  • TOTAL BODY BENEFITS: This formula is perfect for pups with sensitive stomachs and allergies. It provides optimal digestive support, healthy fats for skin and coat, and includes DHA, Taurine, and L-Carnitine to support brain development and heart health!
  • COMPLETE NUTRITION: This kibble has no fillers - just real ingredients like chickpeas, oats, spinach, pumpkin, sweet potato and more for a junk-free, holistic and nutritious canine diet. This product is free of the five major allergens to dogs, including wheat!
  • SUSTAINABLY SOURCED: With every bag of Wild Earth, you help reduce the impact of the pet food industry; Our food requires less water and emits less CO2 than meat-based kibble!
  • CLEAN PLANT PROTEIN: Plant based dog food made with high quality, sustainable plant proteins that offer more protein by weight than traditional dog foods. A veterinarian recipe backed by science, this healthy dog food formula provides a complete diet for any adult dog.

Performance Formula Flavor

Veggie Chick’n Kabob: The flavor of this formula gets all of your dog’s senses on high alert, with aromas and a flavor profile similar to chick’n but without harming any in the process.  It’s 100% plant-based and cruelty-free, your dog will absolutely drool over and gobble up at every meal. We’ve also packed this formula with superfood ingredients to keep your dog powered up and ready to zoomie!

About Performance Formula

  • 28% protein by weight
  • Formulated for all adult dogs, all breeds
  • Additional ingredients including DHA & prebiotics
  • Ideal for active to very active lifestyles
  • Free from the most common food allergens for dogs
  • Available in Veggie Chick’n Kabob Flavor
  • 100% plant-based & cruelty-free
  • Choose from 4 lb or 18 lb bags

Does Your Dog Have Food Allergies?

The most common food allergy triggers for dogs are Beef, dairy, chicken, wheat, lamb, pork, egg, soy, rabbit, and fish. Wild Earth products are 100% plant-based and contain ZERO of these allergens!

Recently published research noted that dogs fed a plant-based diet reported fewer health conditions, fewer vet visits, and longer life expectancy than dogs fed a conventional, meat-based kibble. Make the switch today and see the difference high-quality plant-based food can have for your dog’s happiness.

Every Scoop Makes a Difference

Through their diet, pets constitute about 25–30% of the environmental impacts from animal production in terms of the use of land, water, fossil fuel, phosphate, and biocides. Compared to a plant-based diet, a meat-based diet requires more energy, land, and water and has greater environmental consequences. Choose Wild Earth because your dog and our planet are worth it!

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