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Elm Dirt

Ancient Soil by Elm Dirt

Ancient Soil by Elm Dirt

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Fulfilled by our friends at Elm Dirt

Ancient Soil contains organic worm castings along with 4 of the most bio-active, environmentally-friendly, soil enhancing ingredients, including…

  • Organic Worm Castings (soil probiotics)- To replenish the living microorganisms in your soil and give your plants an endless salad bar of nutrients to feed on…

  • Sea Kelp (The Organic Multivitamin) - This contains over 70 critical vitamins and minerals, increases the size and storage life of vegetables, reinvigorates plants (especially indoor plants), and makes plants more resistant to a wide variety of diseases, pests, and weather conditions…

  • BioChar (The Yield Maximizer) - Which increases soil moisture, absorbs nitrogen runoff, helps reduce greenhouse gas (carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide) emissions by up to 80%, lowers soil acidity, and increases yield...

  • Bat Guano (The Green Multiplier) - This transforms plant leaves into the perfect shade of green, encourages rapid seedling and flower growth, drip feeds root systems, and lasts for up to 3 months...
  • Azomite (The Volcanic Recharge) - This awakens healthy soil microbes, improves aeration or water penetration, remineralizes depleted soil, skyrockets plant vigor, and boosts crop yield. One study it helped tomato plants produce 79% more fruit…

  • These ingredients are sourced from right here in the United States, and each nutrient is of the highest quality you can find.

    We’ve spared no expense in creating what I believe to be THE best bio-active “super soil” on the market…


    How to use: 

    Mix in 20% with whatever soil base you want (coco coir, peat moss, etc)

    #3 pots fit 2 lbs Ancient Soil at 20% mix

    #5 pots fit 2.5 lbs Ancient Soil at 20% mix

    #7 pots fit 4 lbs Ancient Soil at 20% mix


    Also available in larger quantities. Please contact us for larger orders and pricing.

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