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3 Pack Plant Grow Bags Potato Vegetable Planter Bags Breathable Planting Fabric Pots 10Gallons - Black by VYSN

3 Pack Plant Grow Bags Potato Vegetable Planter Bags Breathable Planting Fabric Pots 10Gallons - Black by VYSN

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Fulfilled by our friends at VYSN

If you are a gardening enthusiast, don’t miss this plant grow bag! It is a good helper for your planting. Adopt breathable and heavy-duty material to avoid water accumulation in the spot. Come with two durable handles for portable carrying. Perfect for growing potatoes, onions, taro, radishes, carrots and other vegetables in your garden!

*Versatile Grow Bags: Our potato planting bag can be used to grow potatoes, tomatoes, other vegetables and fruits, also suitable for growing flowers. Help you grow plants in your garden and balcony.

*Breathable Plant Bag: Adopts breathable fabric material, the planter bags will discharge excess water, protect plant rhizomes from damage of excessive watering and create a friendly environment for plants growing.

*Easy To Move: Comes with convenient moving handles on both sides of the plant bags. The handles are strong and durable, so you can move them to small garden, sunroom, balcony and any other place you like.

*Garden Bags Set: Three sizes of washable and recycling bags are available. Meets growth of plant rhizomes, avoid swirling or ring-shaped growth caused by insufficient space, and provide a thriving environment for plants.

*Used It For Years: Grow bags prevent circling root structure; these bags can be used and reused for years. Using grow bags means easy watering, less stress on the plant when moved, and faster transplant times as filling requires just one person, freeing others to handle other work around the garden.

Brand: Fresh Fab Finds
Product Type: 3Pcs Plant Grow Bags
Color: Black
Material: Non-Woven Fabrics
Capacity Available: 3Gallon/5Gallon/7Gallon/10Gallon/15Gallon
10/15Gal: 280GSM
Per Item Size [3Gallon]: 25x22cm/9.84x 8.66in
Per Item Weight [3Gallon]: 47g/ 0.10lbs
Per Item Size [5Gallon]: 30x25cm/ 11.81x9.84in
Per Item Weight [5Gallon]: 65g/ 0.14lbs
Per Item Size [7Gallon]: 35x30cm/ 13.78x11.81in
Per Item Weight [7Gallon]: 90g/ 0.20lbs
Per Item Size [10Gallon]: 40x30cm/ 15.75x11.81in
Per Item Weight [10Gallon]: 165g/0.36lbs
Per Item Size [15Gallon]: 50x30cm/19.69x11.81in
Per Item Weight [15Gallon]: 225g/0.5lbs
Package Size [3Gallon]: 24x18x7cm/9.45x7.08x2.76in
Package Weight [3Gallon]: 148g/0.33lbs
Package Size [5Gallon]: 24x25x8cm/9.45x9.85x3.15in
Package Weight [5Gallon]: 198g/0.44lbs
Package Size [7Gallon]: 27x22x9cm/10.63x8.66x3.54in
Package Weight [7Gallon]: 251g/0.56lbs
Package Size [10Gallon]: 33x30x7cm/12.99x11.81x2.76in
Package Weight [10Gallon]: 465g/1.03lbs
Package Size [15Gallon]: 33x30x7cm/12.99x11.81x2.76in
Package Weight [15Gallon]: 687g/1.51lbs

3 x Plant Grow Bags

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