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Elm Dirt

Worm Casting by Elm Dirt

Worm Casting by Elm Dirt

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Fulfilled by our friends at Elm Dirt

All organic, premium worm castings that will get your garden growing! Worm castings are created by Red Wiggler worms as they breakdown food and paper waste into highly enriched dirt. This dirt contains all nutrients that plants need in readily available forms so that the plant can use it right away. The worms also infuse the dirt with beneficial microbes which help plants grow stronger and protect them from certain plant diseases. No chemicals needed if you use worm castings on your garden!

What's included: 2 lbs of premium worm castings in an eco friendly resealable bag

To use, just mix in with your regular dirt and/or compost or side dress your existing plants for an added boost. Continue to add every 4-6 weeks to keep up nutrient levels in the soil as your plant consumes them. You can also use these castings to make a worm tea!

Now 3rd party verified as Class A compost.
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