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Washington Hawthorn Tree by Growing Home Farms

Washington Hawthorn Tree by Growing Home Farms

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Add some zest to your Summer as you enjoy this fragrant hawthorn cultivar in your landscape!


Washington Hawthorn is among the predominantly planted tree from the hawthorn family. It has beautiful, fragrant, white flowers that bloom during late Spring to Summer. It also produces red berries that are usually eaten by wild birds and mammal during Winter. It has a beautiful, reddish purple foliage that changes to dark green during Summer, then turns into orange, red or purple during Fall. It is ideal to be used as a specimen, hedges and privacy screen. It loves full sun and needs a moist soil with good drainage. An established Washington Hawthorn is resistant to drought. Its maximum height can reach up to 30 feet tall, and a width of 25 feet upon maturity. It has high resistance to drought and toxicity of black walnut. Make sure to water it regularly during its formative years. Once established, make sure to water it during dry weather.

  • Beautiful Fragrant White Flowers
  • Resistance to Drought
  • Stunning Fall Color

Growing Zones: 4,5,6,7,8

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