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Elm Dirt

Plant Juice by Elm Dirt

Plant Juice by Elm Dirt

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Fulfilled by our friends at Elm Dirt

Our premium brewed Plant Juice (formerly known as Plant Booster) is specially brewed per order with premium worm castings and other organic additives to help boost microbial activity and nutrients. Microbial activity (in addition to the wonderful nutrients in our Plant Juice) helps plants grow bigger and stronger and protect them from certain plant diseases and fungus.

100% organic with no chemicals involved! The best food for plants made naturally and sustainably!

Ingredients: Worm castings, dechlorinated water, organic alfalfa meal, organic kelp meal, lactobacillus extract (made from milk and potato starch), calcium extract (made from eggshells)

Store in a cool dark place for up to 1 year.

Worm castings supply microbial activity and some nutrients while dechlorinated water helps keep the microbes alive. Alfalfa meal adds in more nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium as well as some other trace minerals and is a natural growth stimulant. Kelp meals add a few more nutrients to balance everything out and promote even healthier plants and higher yields. Calcium extract helps plants grow stronger and produce larger fruits while the lactobacillus extract helps add beneficial bacteria to break down organic material and stabilize the mixture for longer shelf life, without it you would need to use the mixture in a day! All of these ingredients are organic and made from natural and sustainable sources, with no chemicals involved!

The 32-ounce bottles are now 100% Post-Consumer Plastic! RECYCLE! 
* Please remove the label, and lid before recycling 

To use:

Dilute with water to desired strength. Can use as little as an ounce per gallon of water. Use more for plants that need a little extra love! 32 ounces can be diluted to make up to 32 gallons!

Can be used as a foliar spray with 2 ml/L dilutions and can be used as often as every other day.


Caution: This product contains live microorganisms and may cause adverse effects to persons with a compromised immune system. Avoid contact with eyes, mouth, and broken skin. Do not inhale the product. Wear eye and skin protection when handling. Wash hands after using.

Not for human consumption.


A note on the color: Our brewing and cultivating is a very complex microbiological process. Because everything that we do is handcrafted, there are some variations of color, smell, and finish. These are not considered flaws as the base formula and bacteria are all present in each bottle. This is a living, breathing product that may appear different, but the performance of our Plant Booster on your plants is universal.


Also available in 55 gallon drums and IBC totes. For larger quantities, please contact us for pricing.

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