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Honey Locust Tree by Growing Home Farms

Honey Locust Tree by Growing Home Farms

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Have a taste of the sweetness of its egg-shaped legumes - a perfect ornament to add some beauty to your landscape!


Honey Locust, usually called the Thorny Honeylocust or Thorny Locust, is a stunning deciduous plant that bears both male and female clustered, green flowers. It also produces egg-shaped legumes with seeds that look like beans and a sweet-flavored pulp. It has a maximum height and width that reaches up to 70 feet. This remarkable tree is ideal to be used as a windbreak tree or as a fuel wood. It can adapt in different types of soil but grows best with moist and alkaline soils. It is best to stay away from salt and acidic soils. It loves full sun and should at least get 6 hours of sunlight. It can handle moderate drought and flooding. It is easy to plant and has resistance to pollution. It can also help to strengthen poor soil on hillsides to help avoid erosion. Make sure to water the tree once weekly on its first year.

  • Produces Sweet, Egg-Shaped Legumes
  • Used as a Windbreak Tree or Fuelwood
  • Helps Avoid Soil Erosion

Growing Zones: 3,4,5,6,7,8,9


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