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Elm Dirt

Elm Power Bundle by Elm Dirt

Elm Power Bundle by Elm Dirt

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Fulfilled by our friends at Elm Dirt

Get your hands on Elm Dirt's first products. Elm Power Bundle is perfect for a home gardener! Perfect for houseplant enthusiast! Create the perfect garden by adding Ancient Soil into your garden beds. Water seedling and young plants with Plant Juice to get them started off right! Robust growth, healthy roots and green leaves. Top-Dress your garden beds with Bloomin' Soil to slowly release micro and macro nutrients to flowering plants, while watering with Bloom Juice. Giving you organically grown, sweet fruits and vegetables.


Elm Power Bundle Includes:

 - 32 oz. Plant Juice

 - 32 oz. Bloom Juice 

 - 2lbs. Ancient Soil 

 - 2lbs. Bloomin' Soil 

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