Wolf P-Cover Scent Granules Big 64 fl oz Size!


Wolf Urine is an all natural, chemical free, repellent for Coyote, Moose, Bear, Elk, Weasel, and Mule Deer. Whether domestic or wild, ALL animals react instinctively. Deer don’t cuddle up with coyotes… they run! Your domestic dog will do it’s business where another dog has gone. That is why predator urine is so effective in not only repelling pest animals but is a great training scent for your pet.  Save over $20 vs. the 16 oz size of the same quantity!

Shake “P-Cover” granules evenly over your target area (where the critters are active).  Re-apply every week or after a heavy rain.

“P-Cover” is designed to use on lawns and other large areas where creating a perimeter would be difficult. One 64 oz jar of “P-Cover” will treat approximately 800 sq. ft.

Especially good for burrowing and rooting critters.


Weight 3 lbs

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