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100% Genuine Bobcat Urine in a Convenient 16 oz Spray Bottle. $23.99 with Free Shipping. Used for Mice, Moles, Voles, and Other Rodents Around Your Home, Car, Or Garage.

Apply about ½ ounce of urine on the ground, on a “P-Wick” or on a piece of cloth every 10-12 feet around the perimeter of the active area (no higher than 18” from the ground).  Re-apply every week or after it rains.

For the most trouble free and easiest application, use our “P-Dispensers”.

For wide area application on grass or plants, use our “P-cover”.

Tip:  For best results, re-apply a couple of feet either side of the previous application to make animals think there is an active predator around.  The trick is to get the animals to smell danger before they get to their target.

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