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Predator Urine

We are the best online store selling fox urine, wolf urine, and predator pee. Fox urine and bobcat urine are great for varmints in your basement, boat or barn this Fall. Free shipping to the US and Canada.

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Our products are useful for: Gardeners, Farmers, Homeowners, Landscapers, Golf Courses, Hunters, Trappers, Photographers, and Wildlife Researchers.

Why use predator urine for a training scent?

Whether domestic or wild, ALL animals react instinctively. Deer don't cuddle up with wolves or coyotes...they run! Your domestic dog will do its business where another dog has gone. That is why predator pee is so effective in not only training wild animals such as deer, rabbits, mice, rats, etc., but is a great training scent for your dog or cat as well.

All predators mark their territory with urine. All prey animals know this...it's that simple! Use our P-gel for your valuable toys from the dreaded varmint invasion!!

It happens every fall! Every mouse, rat, skunk, raccoon, and squirrel looks for a place to hole up for the winter! Do not let them enjoy the comfort of your car seats, motor home furniture, boat cushions, under your porch, in your basement, or garage as their winter lodging. Now is the time to establish YOUR territory with predator pee. Simply place any of our predator urine dispensers, such as our fox urine or bobcat urine, in areas that rodents like to nest. If that does not teach them, they will probably be dead BY A REAL PREDATOR by winter anyway! Each dispenser has an effective deterrent range of 200 square feet.

Longest Lasting Scent! No Spilling! No Mess! No Fuss! Open The Top And You're Ready To Go! Designed especially for motor homes, boats, cars, attics and basements! Use for Mice, Rats, Squirrels, Skunks, etc.

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