Pests and other wild animals can sometimes be really pesky.

No matter how much we try to get rid of them, they always find a good way to return to our properties. Synthetic and chemically enriched substances though have some effect, pose damage to our environment. 

And so, we at, Pee Mart offers a natural, effective, cost-efficient and environmentally friendly way of protecting our lawns, yards, gardens and other properties from unwanted animals. With long years of experience, we have tested and verified the efficacy of using predator’s urine to repel various animals. We have partnered with field experts in the handling of wild animals to secure urine samples from dominant predators. Our products are natural, chemical-free and undiluted urine samples so we can assure you of its premium quality as well as tested efficacy, but with a reasonable and competitive price.

So if you are a gardener, farmer, merchant, or simply a homeowner who wants to get rid of pests and unwanted animals such as deer, rodents, wild boar, raccoons, cats, and other animals, Pee Mart has the best solution for you.

Are you having a problem with the frequent presence of pests and wild animals around your perimeter? Tell us what animal bugs you and we will recommend the most potent and exact product you can use to shun them away. You deserve a safe and secure property, without the damages brought about by unwanted animals and pests. Nobody needs to settle for less, Pee Mart has the premium solution for you.

Email us at We are very much interested in helping you.

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