How to garden, without worrying about deer.


Anyone who has stepped foot in a garden knows about the dreaded, yet inevitable, plant predators. And for anybody who has had this problem, you know that having your cherished garden destroyed, year after year, can be severely detrimental to your motivation to continue your garden.

I started a garden to grow my own organic fruits and vegetables. Keeping this in mind, I didn’t see any of the solutions that I was finding online as ones I really wanted for my garden. Sure, fencing, sprinklers, and chemical repellents may work, but I had no desire to change the landscape of my yard or add any chemicals to my plants – I was growing them myself to prevent just that.

Feeling the same discouragement I had been feeling before, only now because of a different reason, I was ready to give up. Maybe I should just stick to a little salsa garden in planters on my deck, I thought. Still organic, still growing it myself, but just with a lot less hassle.

I continued this line of thinking until I discovered The Pee Mart. If you are anything like me, you probably had the same thought when you first heard about it: “What? Really? Animal Pee?” I am here to tell you, yes. Really, as funny and unbelievable as it may sound, animal pee is the answer to your gardening problems. It is natural, and when you think about it, it actually makes sense.

All animals react instinctively. All predators mark their territory with urine. All prey animal know this and avoid it – it’s that simple!

I replanted my garden, ordered some Coyote P-Cover, and applied it as the directions said. The application was super easy, and you couldn’t even notice it was there. I was skeptical, but this was my last hope. I kept glancing out the window to see if the deer were back, but day after day, my garden stayed looking healthy and in once piece.

I hope that with this post, you were able to find the solution to your gardening problem! Just a little piece of friendly advice from a fellow gardener.

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